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Move Finders has been helping Nationwide movers around the world for years. Move Finders specializes in finding Nationwide moving companies for any type of move. Local, long distance interstate, or international moves around the world!

Move Finders works with one simple concept: Bargain Shopping. You say you want to find a cheap Nationwide moving company? Well, simply fill out this one step form and Move Finders will help you.

How does it work? Simple. We find dozens of Nationwide moving companies all over. When you submit your information, we send your information ONLY to companies that are specific to your move request. We do not resell your information and it is kept completely private, so that your information is targeted to movers that you specifically requested. Once you are done, simply wait for the movers to contact YOU.

In the meantime, browse our moving guides and moving checklists, or the hundreds of moving resources at Mover MAX, so that you are completely prepared for tha all-important Nationwide move. Do it right the first time, with Move Finders.

For Moving Companies Only:

Moving Software : MoverWorx®

MoverWorx® Advanced Moving Software from Move Finders that will help any moving company run all operations, click here for a demo! MoverWorx® offers full moving company and moving broker management. Features include:

  • Booking
    • Estimate --> Booking --> Closing --> Cancelling. Keep your moving jobs organized by category to follow-up, manage reports, and send appropriate emails.
    • Once a job has been booked, create reports and manage deposits, collections, and discounts.
  • Billing
    • Create invoices for sold moves. Your company has agreements with other companies to sell moves. Create invoices to bill those companies accordingly.
  • Automatic email reminders
    • Send automatically customized emails to customers.
    • Emails customized with YOUR logo, pricing, current item list, and contact information for that customer's salesperson.
    • Emails display pricing, deposits, and current balance.
    • Send emails in bulk or individually!
  • Reports
    • Manage lead sources (where moving lead came from).
    • Create employee sales reports.
    • Follow up on recent moves.
    • Find moves in the system quickly!
  • Contact Management
    • Create note reminders for yourself. Tasks, calendar notes, and note conversations with customers.
    • Automatic scheduled reminders.
  • Sell moves to Moving Companies
    • Your company has agreements with other companies to sell moves.
    • Create reports, information and billing for these companies.
  • Password levels
    • Security levels to allow only certain information accessible to different employees.
    • Disallow various reports and confidential information to differing password levels.
  • Auto-enter customer info
    • Automatically enter customer information from leads provided from Move Finders, or even YOUR website!
  • Create & Edit Item Lists
    • Create item lists and auto-calculate cubic feet.
    • Auto-populate item lists submitted by customers through a custom form!
  • and much more...!
    • Any module your organization may need, GINGON Solutions is able to build and expand upon!
    • If there's something more you feel you may need, it may already be in the works! MoverWorx!

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